Friday, December 16, 2005

Blue Period

I forget what stage this was in when this photo was taken. I think it's pretty close to done. The final was pleasing enough that my ex-wife, who likes precious little about me these days, framed it and hung it in her living room.

I painted this in an art class I was taking with the soccer mom from down the street. She said, "even your vases look like women!"

Espresso (in the morning with you)

There is an inside joke painted into this one, together probably with a little kharma. You can only get the joke if you're Italian or have had an Italian lover. When I painted this last winter I had not seen mine in a few years. She has resurfaced, having moved back to Italy, and has bought the painting.


That would be these. These are drawings. I drew them.

Having been remiss...

Well, I've been a pretty slack blogger, I know. One of my excuses is that I really liked having that B&W post "Mon Metier" at the top of the window every time I looked here, so maybe I'll come up with another art nude for some later post and still end up liking the first sight.

Here are some random mostly watercolors. The pencil drawing at the top left is from Andrew Wyeth's "Overflow", one of the Helga series. I use his stuff as a prototype fairly often. When I get around to it, I'll post two different takes I did of Siri from A.W.'s "The Virgin". One's in pencil and one in pen and they were done about a year apart. To me, they show more how I or my mood had changed than anything technical. The thing about Wyeth, though, is that he's so daunting. I have reached the point where I can read Hemingway and still somehow trust myself to write. Looking at Wyeth makes me re-examine any fantasies I have of ever being an artist.