Thursday, January 16, 2014

Modern Roots

I mentioned earlier in the blog that while I dabble in various media my true love is black and white photography.  I love the smells of a darkroom and the feel of paper in chemicals, and watching an image magically appear.  I also love the iterations of getting it right: change the filter, change the exposure, crop it differently...

I also love the enduring product, a black and white image.  I was not able to do the chemistry for this one, I don't have a darkroom these days.  It's a digital scan of a film negative.  In my mind there's a symmetry of old and new in this image.  It's my old medium with some digital assistance.  The model is someone from my distant past who re-emerged into my present.  So, roots. But updated.

The result is what I love.  A timeless image of a beautiful form in natural light. 

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